Trümmer Kassetten


>T.P.050_Anemone Tube/Tarkatak_Split-CD-R_€11
first cd release for both of these two german projects. tarkatak features one long track exploring unknown, distant realms. very somber and sensitive industrial soundscapes and deep spheres. For shure these are
tarkataks darkest and probably best recordings yet! anemone tube has 5 new tracks created through use of electric guitar. the sounds are caressing and depressing, with a strong melancholic feel. an intense atmosphere you will loose yourself in. special limited edition comes with beautiful handmade
cotton package! playtime: 57:58 minutes; full color offset print cover in jewel case wraped in thick cotton. cdr. ltd. edition 300.

Collaboration with Transfixional Entertainment [ http://www.transformed.de/anemone.html ]

quiet synthi ambient sounds and loops same tracks + bonus track as cd/r on Dachstuhl too.

>T.P.048_Kört Hörn:_4 U, Töm D_10“_€5,50
Noise-Rock, Experimental Punk with lovely melodies. Handmade cover, ltd. 300. Co-Release with Spirit of ´76.

>T.P.047_Tarkatak/Klangwart:_töa/amöbenruh_7“_sold out
elektronik ambient trips by Klangwart and Tarkatak. Handmade Cover, ltd. 300.

sound collages. Handmade cover.

>T.P.045_Deep/Tarkatak_C-60_sold out
second collaboration by this two german projects. Special coverartwork by
Yves dos Santos.

deep, droning ambient by Tarkatak and pop-noise-rock by Deep. Special handmade cover. Ltd. 300.

>T.P.043_Kört Hörn: Hömmel_10“_€5,50
Co-release with Spirit of ´76. Noise-Rock-Melodic-Psych-Punk handmade cover. 300 copies.

>T.P.042_Deleted:_Éloge de l´ ombre_C-60_€4
side-project by Christophe Petchanatz from France of Klimperei with depressive pop songs and sounds.

>T.P.041_Disumana Res:_Deconstructed Fields ´86-´96_C-60_€4
dark ambient trip with some harsh sounds.


like T.P.042.

>T.P.036_Palindrom/Der Pilz:_C-Labo-R_C-60_€4
Collaboration of industrial, ambient with some noisy moments in special package.

>T.P. 035_Tarkatak_Lyssna_C-60_€5
Droning Ambient. Blue/black velvet bag-cover.

>T.P.033_Klimperei_Les plus belles valses de klimperei_C-45_€3,50
Piano-Musik from France.

>T.P.032_Deleted/C-Drik_Hopeless Dreams_C-60_€4
Collaboration with the Belgian C-Drik. Cool, dark elektronik songs.

>T.P.031_Klimperei/Claude Seyve_Vilain Chien_C-45_€4


>T.P.028_Raumerkundung_Flug I_C-60_€5
ambient, experimental-noise. Side-project by Tarkatak/Kört Hörn members.
Handmade cover.

>T.P.026_Der Pilz_Chora Szum_C-60_€5
Industrial-Ambient-Collagen... handmade cover.

>T.P.022_Der Pilz und der Gast-Pilz_C-20_€3
Split- with Tulminov. Small synthi-space songs.

>T.P.019_Der Pilz_Die schwimmende Bibel_C-50_€4
Noisige Rhythms and dark ambient.

>T.P.016_Der Pilz_Der Kosmos Natur-Führer_C-60_€4
Industrial Collages.

>T.P.013_Der Pilz:...und was er uns sagen will_C-30_€3